Teaching Module:
"How to move files between PCs and Apple products & How to use your PC to teach with an iPad"
(....and let us do this for FREE, or as cheap as possible.)

  • First, begin by installing a FREE media player ..... VLC. It plays virtually any kind of format and it will play movies made with Windows Movie Maker (unlike Windows Media Player). Link to Free VLC Download
  • A new option is to load all video from apple and other devices to google drive. This converts all video to a common editing format. All you need is a free google account.
  • Next, go to the following link and download Windows Movie Maker. It's free and it makes editing videos as easy as putting a PowerPoint together. This is how I made the videos for this teaching module.Windows Movie Maker Download
  • Once you are happy with your video and edits, you can create a free YouTube account. Once this video is uploaded to YouTube, you can embed it in any wiki.
  • Another option is to save it back to your google drive and enable share.

Now watch the following video: "Teacher Module PC to Apple Part 1: Dropbox cloud Storage"

  • Go to Dropbox.com from your PC and open a Dropbox account.
  • Download Dropbox to your PC. When Finished, click on the Dropbox icon and sign in.
  • Now download the Dropbox App on your iPad. When Finished, click on the Dropbox app and sign in.
  • Now go to your PC and find a few pdf and Word documents to drop in your Dropbox. Do this by right clicking on each item, selecting 'send to', and choosing Dropbox.
  • You can also drop photos and videos.
  • Another option is to save these items to your google drive on your PC. Download the Google drive app to your iPad, sign in, and access is similar.

Now watch the following video: "Teacher Module PC to Apple Part 2: Connecting the iPad to Your PC & Teaching Apps"

  • Download any of the apps that appealed to you from the video or any you have been wanting to try.
  • Good Notes, Chalkboard, Explain Everything, Pages, Free Graphing Calculator Apps (Good Grapher)
  • Spend some time trying the apps you like with Dropbox. Investigate what works for you.

  • Finally, remember to leave a comment below. You must sign in to your wikispaces account to leave a comment.

  • I Hope this this was helpful.